Monday, March 31, 2008

our stuff is here

Well the moving truck delivered all of our stuff today. It came so fast. This is the first time that James or myself have had to pay for someone to store our stuff. Something that we never thought we would have to do, but again God is challenging our way of thinking.

Each one of our boxes was labeled with a red sticker with a number. And you guessed it. It was my job to record (those neat red check-marks above). We have every box accounted for. All 200... something of them. Does this mean there is no turning back?

The word says that God grants peace, one that passes all understanding. Today I am living out this verse. I am feeling the prayers of those that love me. My heart is learning to be content without the presence of those I love. Please God open floodgate of peace, for our servant is living a life of believing and I need You desperately.

and thanks for the comments :P it makes me feel soooooo LOVED!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our First time at Buckhead

This is James, with the trademark Asian peace sign, with Losiah. I know that there is a time when I need to go into detail about my feelings and emotions through this weeks events, but since my eyes are welling up at the thought- I am going to put it of until later. Aren't these two the cutest. I am forcing myself to take out the camera more so that you can feel like you are up to date and a part of what is going on out here.
Today was our first time out at buckhead church. I can't tell you how wonderful it was to sit down in that service and expect God to speak to me. And He did. His gentile whisper through Andy's teaching was saying, "this is your new home, listen carefully and I will show you how much I love you." Being without a church to belong to has been torture for the both of us these past 5 months. So when we got here we were determined to jump in. Friday night we went to a "group link." aka a place for you to find people that you live near (and hopefully have something in common with) so that you can find a small group. It was more like a Jr. High dance than a small group formation night. It was torture for my poor introverted husband. Standing under the 'east cobb county' sign and hoping that we would find people that were half normal to talk to us was so awkward! But, we did it. So we are in a small group that will start next tuesday at the Whittaker's house. We also signed up to serve in the youth group. My motto is if you want to fit in- make yourself fit, so we are jumping, no, leaping into a place to belong. I am exited, for now. No tears yet today, but the day is not over my friend.

First wilderness walk

Yesterday, or the day before, well we have only been here for a few days- you think I could have my days straight. Heather and I went for a hike in one of the state parks near where we are living. It was so peaceful and serene. I love that there is so much nature out here.It makes me think about how faithful God has been to me. It seems that faith is an issue that has been arising in my heart very often, so that is something that you might be hearing a lot about and thus- the title of my blog for now. My journey to Atlanta has been one that has evolved over several months, but it began with God's poking my heart, reminding me that I asked for Him to show me the areas in my spiritual walk that I needed to grow. So one small step in this journey was moving here. I am just blessed that it is beautiful and reminds me to look to the one that made it.

P.S. Joseph, thanks for reading! I would say take 75 N, exit Delk- go R. Then R on paper mill. there will be a small parking lot on your R. If you get to the hair pin L turn you have gone to far. Enjoy! (disclaimer... only lived here a few days..and it is not on Google maps.. he he he) Good Luck :P

Saturday, March 29, 2008

new home

This is just to give you a tour of the beautiful home that the
Whittaker's are allowing us to share with them.

and the basement that we are inhabiting.
This First video is a view of the porch that I took today.

And this one is a view of the inside of the house including our basement.

I am very excited that this is on here. Thanks Carlos :)


Well we just got to Atlanta and it seems that there is a lot to share about our journey here. So Family and Friends this is the place to see what we have been up to!!