Sunday, July 20, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Birthday Party

Tonight I hosted a party for our roommate Heather, at her house. That is the funny thing about roommates.... when you live together and share a house and having a party at your house means it is at their house too. She did a good job at letting me do all the work and we all had a great time. I wanted to get her a really great gift because we owe them so much for their wonderful kindness to allow us to stay with them these last 4 months. And what better gift for an amazing chef than a new set of cookware. I searched for the right one and have to admit that her set is much nicer than the one I own. Who doesn't love a huge present to come home to?
Happy Birthday friend!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Braves

Tonight we went to see James' all time favorite baseball team. We got the classic, hot dog dinner, .....eeeew, and a coke! We ate our seeds and enjoyed the game.

We had really great seats on the third base line in the 7th row up. Unfortunately no foul balls came our way, but we were prepared to catch them. We did the chop, the wave and sang 'take me out to the ball game.'

Just us getting our quality time on with our new Braves hats.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We signed the lease

This is the view from the street of our new rental house.

And this is the living- dining room in the front of the house.

The Kitchen... which is so clean!!!

The fire place and family room view from the stairs looking into the kitchen.

Our landlord actually built this beautiful gazebo and patio in the back.

We are very excited! I will keep you updated.

I'm so excite...I just can't hide it. I know, I know...etc

Okay so people who know me know how even keel I am. I'm not a person who stays up the night before christmas because they can't sleep. But when crappy things happen I don't really get too down either. This is James by the way. So...for me to not only say I'm excited, but to blog about it BEFORE I even go...that says a lot. I've been a Braves fan as long as I've liked baseball. We had basic cable and TBS aired Braves games. There's no teams in Montana, so...that's who I liked. (Denver Broncos, Philly Eagles, Lakers-recently, Mets, Avalanche(hockey you hosers) in case you were wondering the others. I told you...cable+isolated state with no sports=mixed fav teams)
Okay so I'm a Braves fan. With my mosaic of teams liked I can say I've never been to a "home" game (lakers don't count because like I said...they grew on me thru my in-laws). So tomorrow night I get to go to a real home game...of my favorite team. And thanks to Costco I got great seats for $45 dollars total. Section 120 seven rows back. Crazy!! I hope I get hit with a broken bat. How cool would that be? And random...but I stood on the spot where Aaron hit number 715 and the spot where it landed. They left the infield of old fulton county stadium as a monument. Very cool.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I found the Outlet Mall

I know that I have a sickness, but what can I say... retail therapy really works! This weekend James took me shopping for maternity clothes at the North Georgia outlets, because I can always buy things at a good deal. Low and behold there were some baby shops there. I admit that I am new to this whole shopping for babies thing, so I don't even know the stores, but when we saw 75% off signs we went in to Carters. I went a little crazy and bought a few onezies... they were only $3 each :P

This one says, "too cute."

This one says, "hug me."

This for advanced planning for next 4th of July... the baby will be about 6-7 months.

This one says, "squeeze me."

This one says, "sweet baby."

And this is all the baby clothes hanging and waiting patiently for baby in our closet.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Quality time

James and I have been alone for two days now. We hardly know what to do with ourselves since our roommates are all gone for the week. We have been working this week and can't wait for the weekend. Here we went out to dinner to spend some real quality time together.

My nausea has been getting better. It is still there every once in a while, but it leaves within an hour now instead of lingering all day. Thanks for all who have been praying... now if we could only make the random irrational crying go away. Doesn't the widget of the baby make it look freakishly thin? Kinda creepy, ha?

Monday, July 7, 2008

life is...hmmmm!

So we are both so tired. Alyssa is pregnant so she has an excuse. I'm...just an excuse. I hate mornings, although it's not as bad as I thought it would be. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to create a habit. I've been at work for 8...13 more days before I'm used to the schedule of 6am wakey wakey. Aren't you proud of me so far? 9pm rolls around and we start falling apart. I guess being 30 is really the other side of life. Gone are the days of midnight movie showings. Gone are the days of turn around trips to vegas. Gone are the days when all you needed were red vines, pixie sticks and a coke and you could stave of sleep for a week. And sleeping till 2pm...yeah right. It REALLY is so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. AND I"LL TAKE, WITH ME THE MEMORIES...TO BE MY SUNSHINE AFTER THE RAAIAIIIIIAAANNNNNN. IT"S SO HARD TO SAY GOOD BYE TO YESTERDAY. Boyz II Men, we love you dearly. Thank you for being our friends.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 5th of July

Happy Independence Day! In the true spirit of patriotic duty... just as our forefathers once did 200+ years ago, we spent the night hanging out with friends and family and blowing crap up.

Mike, it wasn't as fun as new years, but at least we still got to blow stuff up and you didn't. BOO YA! Mainlanders rule.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Belly Update

So I was talking to Cheryl, my sister in law, on the phone yesterday and she was insisting on a belly picture update. I know that I shared in the beginning my issues with my body image, but I now feel the need to re-emphasize. I have always had a little stubborn belly fat, as so many of us do. I love food and I am not opposed to exercising, but it has not been on the top of the priority list as of late. When I was in college, working at the fitness center, playing volleyball, and working out 5-7 times a week... you guessed it: I still has the belly fat.

I was so excited to be pregnant so that I could finally not be ashamed of my belly. So trust me when it is looking pregnant and cute I will have it all over the blog. So this one will have to do for now. I am 16 weeks along and my OB says that I will start showing in the next 2-3 weeks. I am in no rush to get bigger or post unsightly pictures of my belly fat. :P